helen frigid

                                                                                          first single "I Want You" OUT 16th February

Darrin from JANGLEPOPHUB about I Want You

"Crackling with the sort of indie-anthem energy that makes even ‘olds’ like me want to stick our heads out of a car window and just head off somewhere, this "I Want You" single by Berlin’s helen frigid should be featured in all the year-end ‘best ofs’ of all the microblogs that matter in approximately 9–10 month time!"

helen frigid spielt Sofakonzerte! Bucht mich in euer Wohnzimmer! :)

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Shaping the world together; that's what it's all about, says helen frigid.
Through her work as a performer, with her roots in object theatre, she sees her music as a means of expressing content. helen frigid songs are lived experiences. Close to the content of intersectional feminism. 

helen frigid concerts are performative, in the sense of that the audience is part of the whole and so each evening becomes an individual but collectively organised experience. It's about empowerment, about spreading alternative narratives; narratives that have always been there anyway, but are often lost in the brutality of habit. These include: positive queer love stories, the duality that lies in things like sadness and joy, the strength that lies in failure.

She has released her first single “I want you” on 16th of February 2024. helen collaborates with her friend and producer Nicolas Pannetier. Together they create a sound of raw guitars, soft drum sound filled with a clear baseline that together forms a sound that embraces and encourages the listener at the same time. 

Strong songwriting revolves around themes such as sustainability, grief, patriarchy and its consequences paired with empowering verses always from a feminist point of view. Her dry humour is often part of a song. 

An uplifting PM on Insta by Kat Frankie „Please record more songs. The two I have heard are really good“, gives her courage to keep up the work. 
She was played on the radio during the broadcast faemm fm hosted by Rike van Kleef on Radio Alex, which supports both female & non-binary newcomers and established artists. 
Right now you can find her on various Spotify Playlist: New Queer Music by bouygerhl, Loud & Queer February 2024 among others.